Successfully treated Infertility Case with UTI

Mr. Manoj Rai

Dear All,

This is a fact of my life which I'm putting across which will help others to find the right person to take care of their medical needs.
My wife was a patient of recurrent UTI for 4-5 years we have consulted all the top Doctors in bangalore but we have not got the right cure only symptomatic relief for 2-3 days again the same things got repeated.

We have done with all the medication available for UTI and most of the doctors put her on on one or the other antibiotics as a result my wife got resistant to all the antibiotics including Tigecycline and Colysycyline  ,,,,we lost the hope whether she will be cured or not .....our life became hell and my wife has to undergo the unbearable pain every day.

At last me and my wife  have decide to go for the last trial of Ayurvedic treatment., and we met Dr Anjali she listened to our problem with full patience and told that nothing to worry this will cured and believe me recurrent UTI problems of 4-5 years was treated within 4 months of time. We got a hope in our life and now we are leading a happy life only because of Dr Anjali's treatment.
Dr Anjali is really awesome and totally different from other medical practitioners please consult with her once if your disappointed with health problems growing in your life.

I wish Dr Anjali... All the very best in her life.

Our second big achievement was in terms of infertility Which got cured with the help of Dr Anjali in a span of 3-4 months.

Now my wife is pregnant and we thanks to Dr Anjali for her Guidance , she is truly kind hearted and I don't have words to thank her.



Manoj Kumar Rai 

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Infertilty with deffective sperm Morphology

Varsha Athreya, Bangalore

Here are below few lines about my conception Journey:

" We(Me and my Husband) had been trying to conceive for almost 1.5 years. None of the treatments worked for us. It was then I met Dr Anjali Singh and went through Ayurvedic treatment. Doctor was very calm in listening to our queries and prescribed few medications. 

Finally i conceived in the month of March 2019 and both of us are really Happy:)

Thanks a lot Doctor for your support & encouragement".


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Treatment of Haemorrhagic Gastritis

 Abhishek N.hunugund , Bangalore


I am Abhishek from Bengaluru, few months back I was suffering from severe acidity with haemetemesis  and was not able to have my food properly due to that I was so weak. Once, I consulted Dr. Anjali and discussed about my problem. She gave treatment for my problem in very good way and my disease was cured within couple of months. I am thank full to her for excellent treatment.



Abhishek N H

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Another treated Infertility case

Mr. Shubhankar Khokun Kundu and Mrs. Richa

Dear Dr. Anjali

A Special greetings to you. I don't know how to say thanks to have given the happiness to us which we have lost from last 3 years.

I would like to share you the pain which we have undergone. Me and my wife has consulted three top gynaecologist of Bangalore. After not getting result suggested to visit  for IVF . We had consulted for that too in Bangalore itself. As there were no issues ruled out for the cause of infertility , inspite of this they have suggested IVF. We had came across multiple tests for IVF. but that too got failed. Meanwhile one of my friend suggested your name who had already treated by you for the same problem. 

The right time came when we visited you. You are really amazing doctor. I still remember the very 1st visit, my wife came with very positive mind set and within 3 months we got good news and our life got totally changed and filled with extreme happiness.

With regards 

Shubhankar, Richa and Master Hridhaan

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